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About 12 Stones Counselling Services

Hali is the founder and currently the sole therapist at 12 Stones Counselling Services. She received a Master of Arts in Counselling from Providence Theological Seminary in 2004 and has 15 years of experience as a professional counsellor and life coach, empowering people to change self-destructive patterns and transform their lives. Many of Hali's clients have dealt with and found freedom from depression, anxiety, past and current abuse, and self-harm. 

Hali's approach with her clients is to both address the underlying issues of current problems and to help clients learn and develop new and productive ways of living. Her perspective is that change happens not only through talking about life's stresses and problems, but also through taking a "leap of faith" to change ways of thinking and behaving.

Hali's professional clinical experience lies in the field of unhealthy relationships and self-worth/compassion. As a person of faith, she believes that every individual has immeasurable value, regardless of what they have done or left undone, What this means for Hali is that no experience, regardless of how difficult or regretful, is ever wasted so long as we learn from it and grow in our journey to becoming the people we were meant to be!

Recommendations and Testimonials

Hali is incredibly gifted at meeting people where they are at. She has a compassionate presence and strong ability to empower individuals to grow within every season and life transition. She is an amazing person to have by your side through the toughest times.

Tori Wiebe, ItWorks Consultant



Kintsugi, or Japanese Pottery Repair, is a centuries' old practice of piecing together 

broken or smashed pottery using a gold-infused lacquer. 

I think this is a wonderful picture of how healed brokenness can look in our own lives.

Becoming broken is part of the human condition. As unwanted, difficult, and painful as it may be, 

we simply can't escape it. But how we respond to that brokenness informs and determines

how it impacts our lives. We can stay put, shattered in what feels like a hundred pieces all over the floor ... or we can choose to not let it define us and instead allow healing to take place. And when we do that, something wonderful happens: as we are pieced back together, we become more beautiful

and infinitely more valuable than we were before we experienced our deep pain.


Counselling can help you put your broken pieces back together again.

I can't make your past experiences go away, but I can help you feel like a whole person again,

learning how to live with freedom in the present instead of feeling like a prisoner of your past.

Photo credit: Bol_kintsugi_featured_in_the_clip_"Sandcastle_by_Beyonce.png

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