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A Place to Recover Hope

Our lives have many stresses … relationship trouble, difficulty at work, and concerns in many areas of life. People struggle with experiences related to grief, depression, anxiety & trauma - all things that bring a loss of peace and joy, and seem to steal our hope. But life doesn't have to stay that way - We, here at 12 Stones Counselling Services, would like to walk with you in your journey toward recovering that hope and experience healing. 

Hali Reimer-Chaplin, MA provides caring support and works collaboratively with her clients using a variety of therapeutic models to address the individual challenges they encounter. Despite the difficulties people face, it is possible for them to thrive and experience better emotional health and satisfying relationships. There is HOPE!


Hali has appointments available during daytime hours Mondays through Thursdays and accepts evening appointments on Thursdays


We offer a variety of therapeutic services:

► Psychotherapy

► Life Coaching

► Anger Management

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About 12 Stones Counselling

Hali Reimer-Chaplin founded 12 Stones Counselling Services as a way to meet the needs of hurting people.


12 Stones?

Hali here. Although I've practiced psychotherapy in secular settings for almost 15 years, faith is an important part of who I am. The idea of  naming my practice 12 Stones Counselling Services came from an Old Testament story of the Israelites travelling to Canaan. On their journey, an enormous barrier presented itself in the form of a river too big for them to safely cross on their own. But then God parted the Jordan (just as He had the Red Sea when they escaped Egypt) so the Israelites could cross the river on dry land. And once on the other side, they built an altar made from 12 stones they had picked up from the riverbed as a reminder of their experience (Joshua, chapter 4).

I often explain to my clients that journalling is about more than just writing thoughts down on paper - it's anything that takes what's trapped on the inside and gets it out. This helps us process our experiences and remember our growth. The stones the Israelites placed on the banks of the Jordan River were, in a very real sense, a kind of collective (or community) journalling. The stones served as a benchmark and reminder, not only of God's faithfulness to His people, but also of the courage, determination, and persistence the Israelites had that day.

The benefit of remembering the things we've faced and overcome is much the same: it builds our confidence; it helps us take on future challenges; it can become a beacon for others struggling through similar problems. My hope for 12 Stones Counselling Services is that this can be a place where many people will overcome the difficult things they face and a reminder to all that hope is always present.

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